Bob Decker Tarot Reader and Psychic Adviser

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Tarot Card Reading

     Bob is fond of saying "a Tarot reading is not etched in stone". A Tarot reading is like a road map. It can show you where you are headed based on where you're coming from and where you are at right now.
     You almost always have the ability to change the future. Some things we may have decided to experience before we were born to accelerate our spiritual growth. Sometimes we choose to pay a karmic debt. Outside of these factors, we have a lot of room to transform our lives.
     The Tarot is divided into 4 elements that cover all aspects of our existence on earth. Air (the suit of Swords) expresses our mental qualities and ability to communicate. Earth (the suit of pentacles or disks) represents our ability to manifest material things and apply ourselves practically to the affairs of our world. Water (the suit of cups) symbolizes our capacity for feeling and sharing emotions as well as our desire for spirituality. Fire (the suit of wands) is the power of creativity, sexuality,  drive and initiative.

     Bob goes over any elemental imbalances with you that may be holding you back from manifesting your goals. With this knowledge you can better plan your future as well as understand where you are at now.
    You can ask about and receive accurate and thoughtful advice about relationships, finances, education, job and career. Through this questioning you can increase your spiritual understanding as well as have a feeling of comfort from talking with Bob.

    A reading with Bob is entirely confidential. You can bring any issues to the table, he is non-judgemental and with his many years of experience has heard just about everything.
He tape records the entire session for FREE (unless you prefer not to have it taped) Please call him at 954-993-7580 or email him at
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