Bob Decker Tarot Reader and Psychic Adviser

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Cartouche Reading

    Bob has been reading with The Way of Cartouche Oracle Cards by Murray Hope for over 15 years. This oracle is specially designed to assist you by predicting events within particular time frames.
   The question of when something is supposed to happen has traditionally a tricky one for the reader. There are number systems using the Tarot that are supposed to help with this, but the Cartouche Cards make determining time frames straightforward and accurate for Bob.
  Many of Bob's clients have consistently come back and told him "those cards were right on"! Even people who were not that enthused about what the Tarot cards had to say were impressed with this beautiful, pure Egyptian oracle.

    Bob almost always begins a reading with a Tarot spread to make sure he fully connected with you. He knows he's fully connected when he can tell you about your past, present, and future without asking you any questions.
    He then lays out a circle of 12 cards with a 13th card in the middle that ties everything together and gives an underlying theme for the reading. This is called the horoscope spread, and it enables Bob to make accurate predictions in all areas of your life including finances and relationships.
  Bob can also use the Cartouche to examine the outcome of specific questions. He tape records all sessions for FREE (unless you prefer that the sesssion not be taped).

    Let Bob help you with what you really need to know. Call him today to ask questions and set an appointment at 954-993-7580 or email him at

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