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 This is the Tarot Card website of Bob Decker. Bob has over 20 years of Tarot reading experience. He is well respected in his community as an ethical practitioner of the psychic arts. You can take a look at his testimonials to confirm this. He also teaches classes and conducts workshops. Click here to see his calendar

    Bob also uses an oracle known as the Egyptian Cartouche.
This system of divination can predict when things are likely to happen for you in particular time frames.
Bob's clients have consistently come back and told him it was very accurate.

 He prefers to use cards as the focal point of the reading because he can quickly tell you what you need to know without asking any questions.

Bob can go beyond the cards and access specific information. He is psychic, with strong gifts of clear hearing and seeing.

His rates are very competitive. He charges 60.00 per half hour and 100.00 per hour. This is for both phone and face to face readings. Bob accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Bob is also a certified clinical hypnotist with extensive training in Past Life Regression. For more information on hypnosis, click here.

He resides in South Florida (Broward County) and works primarily out of his home in Coconut Creek. Bob is available throughout Broward and by phone. He can be reached at 954-993-7580 or e-mail him at

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